The Risks of Crowdfunding

You saw a brilliant idea of a new gadget, a social initiative for kids in difficulty, or even a singer’s project of a new album and you decided to support it. You have to be aware that your investments in crowdfunding projects are never free of risk and the decision to go for a project […]

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Thoughts To Successful Business In China

Last August I was fortunate to backpack a whole month in China in what I believe was one of the toughest and most enlightening trips I have done so far. Among thousands of great pictures, good and bad stuff I saw there which I could share, there are some far more subtle aspects of the […]

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3 Traits Of Superstar Marketers

Analysis by Michael Brenner on the trends of what it takes to be a winning marketer: What separates the best marketers from the rest? A couple of recent articles and studies appear to be pointing to the same 3 traits you need to master to become a superstar in marketing. Are you looking for that […]


You cannot avoid transformation

Last month I was invited to join our Regional office in Singapore and help Asia entities to set the basics of their Digital transformation. The main goal was to bring awareness on different Digital topics starting from the visible basics, and prepare and assist the newly assigned Heads of Digital for the transformation expected in […]

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Get out of your comfort zone to succeed online

In the article by Adam Ross, Business executives who want their companies to be hubs of online engagement are going to have to implement messaging they are not always comfortable with. The cacophony of competing voices across the Web has made it exponentially harder for businesses to stand out online. To further complicate matters, many […]


Why great SEO is Expensive

A Look at How Costs Have Risen Over the years Google has made SEO far more complex, which in turn has made it much harder to predictably invest in SEO. As the layers of friction & uncertainty have increased, that has led much of the market to focus on strong sites & made SEO consulting […]

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Develop your Digital Marketing to grow your business

In a recent article, Peter Townsend states I have regular consultations with small business owners who want to grow and expand their organisation so they come to a digital marketing agency. The problem I find is people wanting too much for too little. The internet is a great way to make money, and an agency […]

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The most important Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics Keep Marketing Accountable. There is no bigger sin in the corporate world than the marketing budget disaster of handing out budgets based on some percentage of what you had the previous year. This practice simply eliminates accountability, allows bad behaviors to persist year-after-year, stops the natural pruning of what isn’t working and destroys […]

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Firenze best gossip pastry

Love at first sight: “budino di riso”, what else can I say? Centrally located caffè, non stop in and out of people looking for the traditional pastry and coffee. Go to the counter and let the lady show the variety of treats, continue with the coffee counter and go either to a standing table or […]