I am a Stylish Backpacker. Even before major airlines rewarded me an Elite frequent flyer status, I already travelled the globe with my parents. Born in Argentina, my family adventure led us in the Netherlands and Brazil. Later, stung by the same fever it was Spain and then France I moved to, exploring more than 28 countries on this path. On this route, I grew in tolerant understanding of extremes: dictatorship or democracy, from the greatest faiths to the most delirious soap operas.


Himalaya mountains at Leh, Ladac, northern India - 2009This understanding of others and their culture has been of invaluable¬†assistance within AXA Group, where I led initatives like¬†“Convergence of Content Management Systems ” and “Asia Digital Business transformation”. The aim was to bring together and support local Business / Marketing and IT teams on an international level towards a common strategy. It is through the respect of my counterparts’s culture that I managed to convince of the value of convergence towards common programs, and facilitate knowledge sharing between international experts. Convergence, process optimization, change management and Digital acceleration throughout 15 countries is my daily motivation.

I am of independent nature and my mind is analytical. I may sometimes be perceived as reserved. I therefore enquire about all my travels upstream, noting the main points of my route. This allows me to still leave some room for improvisation, to open up to unexpected challenges: the crossing of a volcanic lake in the Philippines, the rise of the Himalayan peaks or a trek in the Tunisian desert.


Waterfall at Casaroro, Visayas, Philippines - 2010The motivation to meet new challenges has been a major asset in my role as Digital Business Manager at AXA, whether the Convergence project or Web Intelligence, whose complexity lies in the acceptance by international teams, the adoption of an analytic principle, its methodology, and relevant technological solutions. In this context, various local initiatives were opposed, launched independently by each country following their own audits. This pleasure in solving complex situations was a real driver to the listening phases with my interlocutors, to propose adapted scenarios to originally reluctant structures, and the coordination of a worldwide Analytics expert community. Despite a strong political context, we have implemented a centralized solution with a cost adapted to the market reality (representing a saving of 50 to 80%).


Sandbank in Caramoan island, Camarines Sur, Philippines - 2010Finally, my passion for travel responds to my permeability to new trends, like recent destinations to explore, discover new hot spots, or the latest technological gadgets to take away. In the professional arena, this mainly translates into the insistence that I bear to the technical and functional dimensions of the projects. I have a genuine interest in all leading to innovation and I’m now recognized by my peers as a credible technical authority. This credibility, associated with my honesty and my discipline are the pillars of a transparent communication with my collaborators, allowing them to achieve their goals by focusing on their missions, with serenity and confidence.