3 Traits Of Superstar Marketers

Analysis by Michael Brenner on the trends of what it takes to be a winning marketer:

What separates the best marketers from the rest? A couple of recent articles and studies appear to be pointing to the same 3 traits you need to master to become a superstar in marketing.

Are you looking for that elusive secret to success? I’m not sure it’s such a secret. Fortune has always favored the bold. And opportunity comes from preparation and the ability to lead people to a common goal.

So what do superstar marketers do? They learn to take risks with a few calculated bold moves. Use data and analytics to drive intuitive decision-making. And learn how to build amazing teams by being a leader with empathy.

Resuming his straightforward article, the three Traits of Superstar Marketers you need are:

  1. Take risks and make bold moves
  2. Use Data and Analytics to gain an intuitive understanding of your customers and the market
  3. Build effective teams by being an empathetic leader who understand what your boss wants, what your team wants, what your customers want and what the sales team wants.

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Photos above by Hans Sandkuhl – Digital Business Manager & Stylish Backpacker: Hong Kong skyline at Causeway Bay.