Bluetooth tracker with rechargeable battery – beta

Tintag Beta Tester Pack

Tintag Beta Tester Pack

I have been looking into discrete and effective solutions to track objects in and outside home, and after some comparisons a wise choice was Tile – delivery in progress…

But another interesting crowdfunding project I am supporting just delivered its beta version to backers. Unlike other tag solutions, TINTAG, The First Rechargeable Item Tracker is clearly differentiating itself from competitors. Each charging with the Home Base companion makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. There’s no need to replace its batteries or buy new devices when batteries run out.

I received a 3D printed prototype (beta tester pack) charging dock and one tag as per the photo here on the left. Used the provided microUSB connector to power up the home base and placed the tag on it. Did I tell that battery recharging is wireless? Great! Now waiting the test App to be delivered and ready to go. Thumbs up to the project team! Keep you posted, folks.

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