Home is getting smarter – The Stack Box

Totally excited, I just received one of my most expected Kickstarter rewards backed a couple of months ago. The Stack Box – A Smart Home Controller claims to connect all your smart devices that control your homes lighting, energy, audio, video, security, healthcare and wearable’s. Unlike any other product in the market, you can now navigate locally and remotely with your smartphone and, or tablet.

Their strength is “Openness”, unlike the competition their hardware should be expandable.


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It all came perfectly packed, in a luxurious black hard box with absolutely no wasted space inside. A very simple Starter Guide. A box with cables and connectors. And there is was. The Box. Black. Elegant. Reminds me a bit the “2001” monolith.

The power supply plug format is for US but included was a small adapter for my country. I received a mini Bluetooth USB connector, as well as the expected Z-Wave module which you have to connect inside the Box. All these came marked as “EU” norm and should therefore work fine for me in Europe, I suppose it depends which country of delivery you requested for your perk.

Powered it on, downloaded the App, detected the box and.. that’s it! Really a piece of cake.

Time to test now, keep you posted.

Note: I do not provide any type of support through my page, please address your questions directly on the Kickstarter project Comments section.