Top 5 Reasons Against Implementing a Tag Management Solution

In a recent article, Garry Przyklenk points out the cons (and pros) of having Tag Management deployed in your business

My last article provided the top five arguments for implementing a tag management solution. By now you might even be sold on implementing one in the near future, but inevitably every organization has to examine many of the same use cases and value assessments.

Let’s face it, the competition is stiff, and vendors are at each other’s throats to get your business, but the toughest-fought battle will be with your own organization.

Here are some of the biggest objections that you’re likely to face and how to squash all fears.

1. Why pay for a tag management solution when [insert company name] does it for free?

Many companies offer tag management for free, including Google and most of the bigger analytics software companies such as Adobe, Webtrends, etc.

Your first consideration should always be information security and service-level agreements. Free or BETA tag management solutions are products that could have a negative effect on data integrity, user experience, and long-term value. As always, paid solutions will provide that neck to choke should you have any issues whatsoever.

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