The most important Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics Keep Marketing Accountable. There is no bigger sin in the corporate world than the marketing budget disaster of handing out budgets based on some percentage of what you had the previous year. This practice simply eliminates accountability, allows bad behaviors to persist year-after-year, stops the natural pruning of what isn’t working and destroys […]

Firenze best gossip pastry

Love at first sight: “budino di riso”, what else can I say? Centrally located caffè, non stop in and out of people looking for the traditional pastry and coffee. Go to the counter and let the lady show the variety of treats, continue with the coffee counter and go either to a standing table or […]

Identity-based habits to set your goals in 2013

Stick to Your Goals This Year by Using Identity-Based Habits This interesting article from James Clear is an inspiring source of ideas for your 2013 resolutions: Change is hard. You’ve probably noticed that. We all want to become better people—stronger and healthier, more creative and more skilled, a better friend or family member. But even if […]

Let’s break some myths about Australia, mate!

If you have had the chance or are planning to visit Australia, here are some interesting “facts” you should read the article “10 Things You May Not Know About Australia” from Traveldudes: The Land Down Under, as Australians refer to their southern hemisphere homeland, is a special place full of weird and wonderful things. Being […]

Are we ready for the Next Generation?

I was reading Michael Brenner’s “Social Business And The Next Generation”, which shakes and wakes us to be ready for the NextGen! The social revolution has officially arrived at most corporate headquarters. Your company has Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’re schmoozing on LinkedIn, and your marketing department is uploading compelling content to your YouTube channel. […]